High in Carbohydrate and Minerals
Pure energy source

Carburate Sports Drink / Blue Berry

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  • The Carburate Advanced Fuel drink may be the perfect solution to the body’s hydration balance thus becoming an important source of energy due to its high complex carbohydrate content. The drink also contains electrolytes and minerals both essential to sustain efforts under duress while diminishing potential cramping and muscular fatigue.
    Carburate drink consumption before and during training utterly delays muscular fatigue thus boosting performance. Due to a CITRUTECH formula, this product is an excellent choice as a energy booster helping reduce lactic acidosis, helping recuperation, increasing blood flow and stimulating energy.
    Cristal fructose may also be found in the Carburate’s formula. This element is easily digested and has low sugar content. Such low glycemic ingredients are better for a quality glycemic control.
    Carburate Sports Drink is strongly recommended for use under exhausting sport activities such as biking, jogging, running, triathlon, Nordic sky, snowshoeing, combat and hockey amongst others.
    Carburate Sports Drink may not be confused with an energy drink
    Energy drinks are meant to stimulate people under combinations of several ingredients such as caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, inositol and carmitine . Within these formulae one has high contents of sugar unbecoming to athletes’ performances far exceeding daily sugar intake recommendations as per Canada Health guidelines of 400 mg /day.
    Carburate Sports Drink has not any stimulation agents or any doping ingredients. It also is Gluten free.

    Suggested dosage
    Add 1 to 2 servings of Carburate to 500 ml of water. Shake well until solution is clearly mixed. Drink sparingly reaching 750 ml per hour.